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Ningbo Cland medical Instrument Co.,Ltd a leading manufacturer and supplier for medical & lab. products in china . our mainly products are laboratory instruments ,hospital equipments , diagnostic products ,consumable laboratory, medical products,teaching products and so on . Our products are sold to many overseas countries and chinese mainland . We supply clients with OEM. And our factory have get CE, ISO13485 ,FDA Certificate . CLAND is qualified as your trusted partner , because we have the following advantages : ◆ Advanced production technology, excellent production equipments, standardized operation circumstance and strict management system to ensure products quality, lower...

Categories and Products

Consumable Laboratory Products

Serological Pipette & Pipette Pump

Serological Pipettes 50ml Serological Pipettes 25ml Serological Pipettes 5ml Serological Pipettes 2ml Serological Pipettes 1ml Large Volume Pipette Controller Pipette Pump Measuring Pipette Serological Pipettes 50ml Serological Pipettes 25ml Serological Pipettes 5ml Serological Pipettes 2ml Serological Pipettes 1ml Electromotion Pipette Controller Large Volume Pipette Controller Pipette Pump Measuring Pipette 


Petri Dish Petri Dish Petri Dish Tissue Culture Plate Tissue Culture Plate 96 well Glass Petri Dish BIOLOGICAL MICROSCOPE 107T XSZ-107SMCCD Microscope XSZ-107BNSM Microscope 

Specimen Collection

Stool Container 120ml Urine Container 120ml Stool Container 60ml Urine Container 60ml Urine Container 40ml Stool Container 30ml Specimen Container New-Style Stool Collector Medical Cup Histology Specimen Container Sample Container with lid Sputum Specimen Container Sampling Dipper with integral handle Transport Swab Soft & Hard Tube Transport Swab With Medium Cottonand Viscose Swabs Applicator Good Price Different Shape Plastic Laboratory Weighing Boat Specimen Bag with Document Wallet Autoclave Bags with Biohazard Mini Grip Style Bags 

Blood Collection Tube

Yellow SST Tube Gel and Clot Activator Black ESR Tube with 3.8% Sodium Citrate Heparin Tube Lithium Heparin and Sodium Heparin Glucose tube Sodium Fluoride and Potassium Oxalate 3.2%-3.8% Sodium Citrate Blue Tube EDTA Tube with Lavender Cap (K2 K3) PET Clot Activator Tube Plain tube Micro Hematocrite Capillary Tube Red Tube Micro Hematocrite Capillary Tube Blue/Red Tube Disposable ESR AnticoagulationTube 200UL Plastic Non-Vacuum Blood Tube Medical Non-vacuum Blood Tube Capillary Blood Collection Tube Micro Blood Collection Tube Medical Multi-sample Needle Butterfly Blood Collection Needle Medical Use Needle Holder Medical Injection Safety Needle Medical and Laboratory ESR Rack 

Laboratory Glassware

Petri Culture Dish Iodine Flask Conical Flask Erlenmeyer with graduations BEAKER low form, with spout and graduations Colorimeter Tube Specific Gravity bottle Distilling Apparatus Extraction Apparatus Micro Burette Automatic Burette Burette Burette Transfer Pipette ostwald Volumetric Pipette Volumetric Flask Measuring Cylinders Measuring Cylinder Separatory Funnel cylindrical shape Separatory Funnel Separatory Funnel globe 

Laboratory Measurement Tool and Bottle

Appropriative Reagent Bottles Wash bottle Transparent Plastic Graduated Cylinder 4000ML Plastic Beaker 1000ml Plastic Beaker 500ml Plastic Beaker 250ml Plastic Beaker 600ml Plastic Beaker 500ml Plastic Beaker 400ml Plastic Beaker 250ml Plastic Beaker 1500ml Plastic Beaker 100ml Plastic Beaker 50ml Plastic Beaker 30ml Plastic Beaker 15ml Plastic Measuring Cup with Handle Transparent measuring cup Plastic Graduated Cylinder Plastic Funnel Wash bottle 

Embedding Cassettes

Histology Tissue Molds Embedding Cassette stripe holes Plastic Embedding Cassette Stripe Holes Embedding Cassette Round Holes without Cover Embedding Cassette Strip Holes with Removable Lid Embedding Rings Embedding Cassettes One Compartments Embedding Cassettes Four Compartments 

Liquid Handling

Tube for multi-channel pipettors Pipette Tips Qiujing Pipette Tips for Lab 5000UL Pipette Tips for Lab Filter Pipette Tips for Lab Finland Pipette Tips for Lab Eppendorf Pipette Tips for Lab Laboratory Disposable Gilson Pipette Tips Dispensing Pipette for Lab Single Channel Digital Fixed Pipette Single-Channel Adjusted Volume Pipettes Multichannel Pipettes for Lab Single-Channel Micro Pipette . Pipette Stand for Lab Serological Measuring Pipette * Pipette Pump for Laboratory Pipette Pump for Laboratory Large Volume Pipette Controller Laboratory Electronic Pipette Controller Laboratory Rubber Pipette Filler 

Sharps Container

Sharps Container 6.0L Sharps Container 3.0L Sharps Container 3.0L Sharps Container 2.4L Sharps Container 1.5L Sharps Container 1.0L Sharps Container 0.7L Sharps Container 6.0L Sharps Container 3.6L Sharps Container 2.8L Sharps Container 0.8L Sharps Container 2.0L Sharps Container 2.0L Sharps Container 1.0L Sharps Container 8.0L Sharps Container 4.0L Sharps Container 2.7L Sharps Container 7.0L Sharps Container 6.2L Sharps Container 5.0L 

Microscope Slides & Microscope Cover Glass

Microscope Slides Color frosted, Ground edges Microscope Slides Microscope Slides Microscope Slide Forsted Both End On One Side Microscope Slides Microscope Slide Frosted One End Microscope Slides Double Concave, Ground Edges Microscope Slides Single Concave, Ground Edges Microscope Slides with Unground Edges Microscope Slides,Ground Edges Microscope Cover Glass Microscope Slide , Adhesion Positive Charged Microscope Slide ,Polysine Microscope slide ,Silane 

Centrifuge Tube & Freezing Tube &Accessories

Pcr Tube Strip 8 or 12 Channel PCR Tube Centrifuge Tube Centrifuge Tube Medical Disposable Centrifuge Tube Clinical Grade Centrifuge Tube Disposable Laboratory Centrifuge Tube PP Disposable Centrifuge Tube PP Micro Disposable Centrifuge Tube Cland 0.2ML Medical Centrifuge Tube 1.5ML Centrifuge Tube for Medical Use Cland 0.5ML Medical Centrifuge Tube 96Well 0.2ML Centrifuge Tube Cryo Tube With Screw Cap Cryto Tube Tube for Medical Use Disposable Medical and Laboratory Cryo Vials PP Cryo Vials for Medical Use Screw Cap Cryo Vials 2 ML PP Cryo Vials Medical Use 4 ML PP Cryo Vials Medical Use 

Slide Storage Box and Slide Accesories

Slide Storage Box 100pcs Slide Storage box 50pcs Slide Storage Box 25pcs Plastic Microscope Slides Mailer 5 Place Plastic Microscope Slide Tray 20pcs Cardboard Microscope Slide Tray,Mailer&Wallets Plastic Slide Mailer Slide Storage Box 12pcs Microscope Slide Staining Racks ,Stainless Steel 20places Microscope Slide Staining Racks ,Stainless Steel Glass Staining Jar 10pcs with Glass Lid , Schifferdecker Type Glass staining jar with glass lid for 20pcs Microscope slide Glass staining jar with glass lid for 30pcs Microscope slide Microscope Slide Dispenser Hemocytometer Set Blood Counting Chamber , Improved Neubauer Blood Counting Chamber , Fuchs-rosenthal Blood Counting Chamber , Thoma Urine Sediment Quantitative Counting Chamber GLASS STAINING JAR 

Test Tube & Stopper &Rack

Tube Stopper Stainless Steel Tube Rack Plastic Tube Rack Plastic Tube Rack Multi-function Tube Rack 50 wells Conical Glass Centrifuge Tubes Glass Test tube with Screw Cap Glass Test Tube Plastic Test Tube Plastic Conical Test tube Urine Sediment Tube with Snap Cap Medical Urine Sediment Tube Test Tube Rack 66 Pillar for ¢12-15mm Culture Tubes with Dual-position Cap Medical Glass Test tube Medical Glass Test Tube With Screw Cup Mutil-function Tube Rack 50 wells Plastic Tube rack 90wells/60wells/ 40wells Detachable Round Hole Test Tube Rack 50 Holes Round Holes Test Tube Rack ABS 

Sample Cup &Cuvette

Medical Sterile Sample cup Sample Cup and Tips Cuvette match ABBOTT ALCYON Biochemical Analyzer Cuvette Match with Beckman Coulter Coagulometer /Rayto Coagulometer Cuvette Applicative with Nielsen Immunoassay System Cuvette Match with Beckman Coulter ACL TOP Coagulometer Cuvette for PRECIL/STAGO /GEMSTEEL Coagulometer Sample Cup for Biochemical Analyzer Cuvettes Match with LabiTec Coagulometer Cuvettes match with French STAGO Full Auto Coagulometer 

Inoculation Loops And Cell Spreaders

Cell Spreader Inoculating Loops 

Petri Dish And Culture Plate

Culture Plate Petri Dish Glass Petri Dish Square Petri Dish 

Hospital Equipment


First-aid Transfer Ambulance Stretcher With I.V Pole Hospital adjustable I.V. pole stand 

Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator with spray New Hospital Medical Oxygen Concentrator Equipment Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Concentrator 5L for Hospital Portable Medical Oxygen Concentrator Equipment Mini Type 5L Hospital Medical Oxygen Concentrator Equipment With Spray Hospital Portable 4L Medical Oxygen Cylinder Set 

Suction Machine

UNIVERSAL SUCTION SUCTION MACHINE H002 Electric Suction Apparatus Pedal Suction Apparatus SUCTION MACHINE MIN SUCTION AIR-COMPRESSING Pedal suction apparatus electric suction apparatus electric suction apparatus electrical induced abortion suction apparatus electric washing-stomach machine Well Designed Portable 18L/Min Electric Suction Machine AC/DC Universal Suction SUCTION FOR CHILDREN Nice Quality 20L/Min Electric Medical Suction Machine Cheap Portable 20L/Min Electric Medical Suction Apparatus Clinic Cheap Portable Mannal Suction Apparatus 

Incubator/Radiant Warmer

Luxurious Infant Incubator Top Grade Infant Incubator standard portable infant incubator infant incubator (standard) infant incubator (Standard) infant incubator (Luxurious) infant incubator (Luxurious) Infant Radiant Warmer Infant Radiant Warmer Infant Phototherapy Unit Infant Phototherapy Unit for sale Phototherapy Unit Good Price Baby Care Equipment Hospital Infant Incubator Good Price Hospital Medical Baby Infant Phototherapy Unit Hospital Equipment Baby Infant Phototherapy Unit New LED Hospital Equipment Baby Infant Phototherapy Unit Newborn Baby Care Equipment Hospital Infant Incubator New Hospital Neonatal Care Equipment Incubator For Infant Nice Quality Hospital Medical Neonatal Infant Incubator Good Price Medical Hospital Baby Infant Radiant Warmer 

Operation Table

Hospital Medical Surgical Head Operating Universal Table Hospital Stainless Steel Medical Head Operating Universal Table Luxury multifunctional operating table Multi-purpose operation table Multi-purpose operation table ELectric operating table Electric operating table Adjustable Stainless Steel Surgical Electric Operating Table Electric operating table Electric operating table Ordinary operation table Hospital Medical Side Control Universal Operation Table Side control universal operation table Head operating Universal table Epoxy Overbed Table Overbed Table Epoxy Overbed Table 

Hospital Bed

ABS Health Triple-folding bed ABS Top PP Triple-folding bed ABS Steel tube Triple-folding bed Triple-folding bed Triple-folding bed ABS Patient Triple-folding bed S.S.Rescue bed Rescue bed Five function electrical bed Five function electrical bed ABS Electric Bed ABS Electric Bed ABS luxurious electric bed Triple-folding bed with S.S.bedhead Triple-folding bed with S.S.bedhead Triple-folding bed with S.S.bedhead Triple-folding bed with S.S.bedhead ABS Cold Rolled Triple-folding bed Triple-folding bed with wood bedhead ABS Four Drain HooksTriple-folding bed 

Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Portable Medical Ultrasonic Nebulizer Mini Portable Handholding Style Ultrasonic Nebulizer Family Health Medical Handholding Style Ultrasonic Nebulizer Medical Ultrasonic nebulizer portable nebulizer Ultrasonic Nebulizer Medical Air compressing Nebulizer Ultrasonic Air compressing Nebulizer Air compressing Nebulizer Electric Voltage Compressor Nebulizer Compressor Nebulizer Compressor Nebulizer Compressor Nebulizer Compressor Nebulizer Blue Air compressing Nebulizer Ultrasonic Nebulizer Medical Ultrasonic nebulizer portable nebulizer Ultrasonic Nebulizer Medical Good Price Air-Compressing Nebulizer CE Approved Ultrasonic Nebulizer Electric Air compressing Nebulizer 

Hospital Trolley

Chair Form Ambulance Stretcher Aluminum Multifunctional Ambulance Stretcher Hospital Aluminum Alloy Multifunction Ambulance Stretcher Semi-Automatic-In Stretcher Stainless steel medical rescue bed Head Adjustable Hospital Medical Aluminim Rescue Bed Emergency Hospital Foldable Medical Aluminum Rescue Bed Aluminum Ambulance Stretcher Foldable Orange Hospital Aluminum Ambulance Stretcher Aluminum Multifunctional Ambulance Stretcher Multifunction Roll Stretcher Luxurious Hydraulic Rescue Bed (Cart) Luxurious Rescue Bed (Cart) Lightweight Hospital Aluminum Double Folding Stretcher Single Folding Stretcher Single Folding Stretcher Not Extending Scoop Stretcher Extending And Foldable Scoop Stretcher Quarter Folding Stretcher Hospital Military Aluminum Medical Quarter Folding Stretcher 

Shadowless Lamp

Shadowless Operation Lamp with 5 Reflectors Cheap CE Shadowless Operation Lamp With 4 Reflectors Cold Light Operation Lamp with one Reflectors Cheap And Nice Medical Shadowless Operation Lamp Bulb Shadowless Operation Lamp with Supplementary Lamp Shadowless Operation Lamp with 12 Reflectors Cheap CE Shadowless Operation Lamp With 9 Reflectors PHILIPS PAR 38 IR Red 150W 230V E27 PHILIPS R95 IR Red 100W 230V E27 PHILIPS R125 IR Red 375W 230V E27 ES Medical Reflector Lamp without Bulb Medical Reflector Lamp Cheap Overall Medical Reflector Lamp With Wheels Well Designed Medical Mobile LED Examination Lamp Cold Light 

Ultrasound Scanner

15'' Touch Screen High Resolution Portable Ultrasound Scanner Ultrasonic Diagnostic Device with Multi-frequency Probes 15'' Touch Screen High Resolution Portable Ultrasound Scanner with Multi-frequency Probes Portable Ultrasonic Diagnostic System Ultrasound scanner JTBIO 200D / 64 - Frame Cinema Loop 10 Inch Screen Full Digital B Mode Ultrasonic Diagnostic Instruments 


Hand held pulse oximeter Convenient Home Portable Medical Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Digital Home Portable Medical Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Colorful OLED Digital Medical Fingertip Pulse Oximeter 

Cabinet & Table

Hospital Medical Stainless Mayo Table With Single Bowl Stainless Hospital Medical v Cheap Hospital Furniture Detachable Epoxy Bedside Locker 

Ward Screen

Stainless Steel Folding Hospital Medical Ward Screen 


Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer Medical Autoclave Medical Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer Equipment Hospital Portable Automatic Pressure Steam Sterilizer Medical Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Steam Sterilizer Large Volum Hospital Equipment Medical Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer Portable Stainless Steel Pressure Steam Sterilizer Equipment Medical Electric-heated Verticl Pressure Steam Sterilizer Good Automatic Medical Verticl Pressure Steam Sterilizer Digital Display Automation Verticl Pressure Steam Sterilizer Automatic Medical Table Top Pressure Steam Sterilizer 20/24L Table Top Automatic Medical Pressure Steam Sterilizer Medical 35/50L Autoclave Table Top Pressure Steam Sterilizer Good Medical 20/24L Autoclave Table Top Steam Sterilizer 12/18/24L Autoclave Pulsating Vacuum Desk Top Sterilizer 280L Autoclave Horizontal Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer 

Fetal Doppler

CE Medical Baby Heartbeat Monitor Portable Fetal Doppler Good Home Baby Heartbeat Monitor Portable Fetal Doppler Home Baby Heart Rate Monitor Portable Fetal Doppler Home Baby Heart Rate Monitor Electronic Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Rate Monitor Fetal Doppler With Color LCD Portable Sonoline Baby Heart Rate Monitor Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Rate Monitor Pregnant Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler 

ECG Products

Hospital Medical Electrocardiograph(ECG )3-Channel 3 Channel ECG Hospital Medical Electrocardiograph Equipment Portable Digital 3 Channel ECG Medical Electrocardiograph Digital 6 Channel ECG Machine Medical Electrocardiograph CE Digital 6 Channel ECG Machine Electrocardiograph Intelligent 12 Channel ECG Machine Electrocardiograph CE Intelligent 12 Channel ECG Machine Electrocardiograph Cheap New Hospital Medical Electrocardiograph(ECG )1-Channel Portable Digital 1 Channel ECG Machine Electrocardiograph Multi-Parameter Ambulance Equipment Medical Patient Monitor Adult Round Non-woven Disposable Monitoring ECG Electrode Professional Adult Round PE Foam ECG Monitoring Electrode Good Price Infant Droplike Non-woven ECG Monitoring Electrode 

Vein Finder

Battery Powerd Portable Pocket Medical Vein Finder Portable USB Connection Medical Infrared Vein Finder No Radiation CE Approved Medical Infrared Vein Finder Professional Handheld CE Medical Infrared Vein Finder Device No Radiation Movable Medical Vein Finder With Trolly Hospital Medical Infrared Vein Locator For Venipuncture Tablet Medical Infrared Vein Finder With Touch Screen 

Syringe And Infusion Pump

Medical Portable Infusion Pump With Heat Function Price Medical Electric Portable Syringe Infusion Pump 



Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope Gift Set Fiber Ophthalmoscope Fiber Otoscope Fiber Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope Fiber Ophthalmoscope Fiber Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope professional diagnostic otoscope set F.O. Fiber Optic Otoscope Fiber Optic Otoscope ophthalmoscopes mini set colored Medical ENT Diagnostic Set With Good Price Cheap Professional Medical 3X Fiber Optic Otoscope Professional Good Wall Mounted Integrated Diagnostic System 

Medical Penlight

Nurse Penlight Aluminium alloy LED Penlight Medical First Aid LED Penlight Diagnostic LED Medical Penlight Doctor's Flashlight Pen Professional Medical Penlight 

Digital Thermometer

Hospital Flexible Digital Thermometer Digital Basal Thermometer (Waterproof) Digital Thermometer(Waterproof) Digital Thermometer(Waterproof) Digital Thermometer(Waterproof) Digital Basal Thermometer Digital Thermometer with waterproof flexible Transparent Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer Non-contact ear and forehead thermometer Clinical thermometer probe cover Mercury Free Clinical Thermometer Armpit Clinical thermometer Clinical thermometer Infrared Ear Thermometer Infrared Ear Thermometer Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer Infrared Ear Thermometer Baby Pacifier Digital Thermometer(Waterproof) Baby Pacifier Digital Thermometer 

Health Hammer

Trigonal Neurological reflex hammer Reflex hammer gifts set Silicone Buck Reflex hammer Buck Reflex hammer Wheel type reflex hammer BUCK REFLEX HAMMER BUCK REFLEX HAMMER Reflex hammer Reflex hammer Rossier Reflex hammer Reflex hammer Tromner reflex hammer Reflex hammer Reflex hammer Pill shape reflex hammer Reflex hammer Neurological Reflex hammer gifts set Black Reflex hammer gifts set Pharmaceutical Reflex hammer gifts set Reflex hammer gifts set 

Electronic Blood Pressure

Wrist Digital Blood Pressure medical Sphygmomanometer Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Semi-auto Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Semi-auto Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Semi-auto Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Upper arm Digital Sphygmomanometer Upper arm Digital Sphygmomanometer Upper arm Digital Sphygmomanometer Upper arm Digital Sphygmomanometer Wrist Digital Sphygmomanometer Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Sphygmomanometer Upper Arm Medical Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor 


big carrying box Vinyl zipper case NYLON BAG PVC Bulb Cheap Medical Latex Bulb For Blood Pressure Monitor PVC Bladder Medical 2-Tube Latex Blader For Blood Pressure Monitor Metals hook cuff D-ring cuff Standard cotton cuff Nylon calibrated cuff Gauge for BP Moniter END VALVE Deflation valve Arm Type Cuff For Digital Blood Pressure Test 

Mercury Sphygmomanometer

Professional mercurial sphygmomanometer Wall Type Desk Type Mercury Sphygmomanometer Good Price Medical Desk Type Mercury Sphygmomanometer mercury sphygmomanometer Child type Standing type mercury sphygmomanometer mercurial sphygmomanometer Suit type 

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

Standing type BP monitor Wall Type blood pressure monitor BP MONITOR Square standing type Desk Type Sphygmomanometer Desk and wall type BP monitor Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with rappaport stethoscope B.P. monitor with dual head stethoscope B.P. monitor with single head stethoscope Palm type BP monitor Palm type BP monitor Palm type BP monitor Palm type BP monitor DELUXE palm type blood pressure monitor blood pressure monitor PALM TYPE B.P.Machine for Cartoon child gifts set Elite type BP monitor set French type blood pressure monitor sphygmomanometer with Plastic gauge blood pressure monitor with Metal chip cuff sphygmomanometer with Metal hook cuff 


Sprague Rappaport type Stethoscope Fetal type Dual-head Stethoscope Dual head special type for adult Pediatric type Dual-head Stethoscope Good Price Hospital Medical Dual Head Stethoscope Pediatric type Single head stethoscope Nice Quality Hospital Medical Single Head Stethoscope Deluxe Single head Stethoscope Sprague Rappaport type Stethoscope Stainless steel single head stethoscope DuaL-Head stethoscope for special type Deluxe Dual-head Stethoscope Stainless steel stethoscope for baby and neonatal Pediatric type Stainless Steel Stethoscope Stainless Steel type Stethoscope Stainless Steel Cardiology type Stethoscope Sprague rappaport stethoscope with clock Single stethoscope of bowl type Fetal stethoscope Stethoscope with clock 

First Aid Products

Aluminum Alloy First Aid Box with Locks and Handle Medical Survival First Aid Emergency Foil Rescue Blanket Good Price CE Medical SAM Emergency Rolled Splint 


Bathroom Scales

Homely thickness bathroom scale Homely steel pasted with paperboard bathroom scale Homely Red bathroom scale Homely blue bathroom scale Homely purple bathroom scale Homely blue steel bathroom scale Homelyred cat bathroom scale Cheap Smart Thickness Sheet Homely Bathroom Scale ELECTRIC BATHROOM SCALE 

Health Scale

Body-Weight Scale Medical Mechanical Body Height And Weight Scale Electronic Body Scale Electronic Body Scale Double Dial Scale Children Balance Body-Weight Scale Body-Weight Scale 

Baby Scales

Electronic Baby Scale(Stainless steel) Electronic Baby Scale Electronic Baby Scale Electronic infant scale Pediatric Table Scale Home Hospital Medical Mechanical 20kg Smart Baby Scale Baby scale Baby Scale(Stainless steel) Baby Scale(Stainless steel) New Medical Infant 20kg Smart Baby Scale Low Price Mechanical 20kg Smart Baby Scale 

Medical Tube

Urine Bag

Disposable Colostomy Bag Medical Disposable Paediatric Urine Collector For Kids Urine Bag with T-Valve 2000ml Medical Disposable Urine Bag With Outlet Urine Bag without Outlet Valve 

Different Type Medical Tube

Connection Tube with Yankauer Handle Nasal Oxygen Cannula Nelaton Catheter Cheap Medical Disposable Latex Penrose Drainage Tubes Latex tube Latex T-drainage tube Silicone Foley Catheter Latex Foley Catheter -3 way Latex Foley Catheter -2 way Urethral Catheter Malecot catheters Standard Endotracheal Tube without cuff Standard Endotracheal Tube with cuff Stomach Tube(PVC) Medical Grade PVC Disposable Infant Feeding Tube Connector Suction Tube Rectal Tube(PVC) Intubation Stylet Reinforced Endotracheal Tube Surgical Disposable PVC Tracheotomy Tube Without Cuff 

PVC Mask

CPAP Mask Tracheostomy Mask CPR Mask Good Price PVC Clear Medical Anesthesia Face Mask Medical Soft Adjustable Venturi Mask CE Approved Nebulizer Mask Disposable Medicl PVC Nebulizer With Mouth Piece Medical Disposable Oxygen Mask With Reservior Bag CE ISO Approved Medical Adjustable Venturi Mask Good Price Medicl Disposable Simple Oxygen Mask PVC DISPOSABLE PVC LARYNGEAL AIRWAYS MASK Certificate Silicone CPAP Full Face Mask With Headgear 

Anaesthesia Breathing

PVC RESUSCITATOR BAG CE Medical Disposable Central Venous Catheter(CVC Kit) Disposable Anti-effection Central Venous Catheter(CVC Kit) Single Double Triple Lumen Disposable Hemodialysis Catheter CE ISO Disposable IBP Blood Pressure Transducer Disposable PICC Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Kit Disposable General Anesthesia Catheter Kit CE Approved Medical Disposable Sterile Tracheostomy Set CE Approved 4-6F Disposable Medical Hydrophilic Introducer Sheath Kits J Tip Straight Tip PTFE Coated Guide Wire Good Quality Medical Disposable Silicone HSG Catheter Silicone Cerivcal Ripening Balloon Dilation Catheter SEBS Resuscitator Bag Adult 


CE Approved Disposable Medical Oropharyngeal Guedel Airway 


Disposable Syringe

Hypodermic 2 Parts Luer Slip Syringe With Needle Medical Disposable Injection 3 Parts Luer Lock Syringe 3 Parts Luer Slip Disposable Syrings Medical Injection Medical Disposable Insuline Syringe With Detachable Needle Disposable Tuberculin Syringe Cheap Medical Disposable Feeding Syringe With Catheter Tip Medical Combi Spiral Stopper 

Disposable Medical Needle

Disposable Hypodermic Needle Disposable Scalp Vein Set Dental Needle A. V. Fistula Needle Set A. V. Fistula Needle Set Insuline Pen Needle Spinal Needle Epidural Anaesthesia Catheter I.V.Cannula Professional Disposable Hypodermic Needle for Single Use Disposable Sterile Pencil Point Spinal Needle 18G-27G 

3-Way Stopcock &Extension Set

3-Way Stopcock 2-Way Stopcock Medical Disposable 3-Way Stopcock With Extension Tube Extension Tube Heparin-Cap 

Infusion Set

Cheap Single Double Sterile Medical Disposable Blood Bag Disposable Blood Transfusion Set ​ Disposable Infusion Sets Pediatric Drip Burette Infusion Set Disposable Blood Transfusion Set With Needle For Hypodermic CE ISO Approved Medical Disposable Infusion Set Medical Sterile Disposable Blood Transfusion Set CE ISO Sterile Disposable Pediatric Drip Burette Infusion Set 

Surgical Instruments

Surgical Gloves

PE Gloves Vinyl /PVC Glove Examination Gloves Surgical Gloves Nitrile Gloves Medical Sterile Latex Disposable Gynaecological Gloves 

Surgical Scalpel

Surgical Blade Sterile Medical Surgical Blade With Plastic Handle Skin Graft Blade CE ISO Surgical Sterile Disposable Stitch Cutter Blade 

Surgical Sutures

PDO Absorbable Suture Polyglycolic Acid (PGA) Suture Polypropylene Monofilament Suture Nylon Monofilament Suture Polyester Suture Silk Suture Plain Catgut Chromic Catgut Sterile Medical Surgical Sutures Chromic Catgut With Needle Absorbable Plain Catgut Surgical Sutures With Needle Cheap Non Absorbable Surgical Silk Suture With Needle Germfree Multifilament Braided Polyester Surgical Suture Disposable Nonabsorbable Surgical Nylon Monofilament Suture Nonabsorbable Surgical Polypropylene Monofilament Suture Absorbable Medical Polyglycolic Acid (PGA) Suture Surgical CE Medical Sterile PDO Absorbable Surgical Sutures Synthetic Absorbable Surgical Vicryl Suture CE ISO Approved 

Lancing Device

Blood Lancet pull type Blood lancet Stainless steel Blood Lancing Devices Good Price Disposable Pressure Activated Safety Blood Lancet Safety Blood Lancet Blood Lancet Flat type Blood Lancet Cap type 

Rubber & Plastic

Breast Reliever Ear Syringe Air Cushion Ice Bag Medical Natural Rubber Hot Water Bag With Cover Plush Rubber Medical Hot Water Bag With Cover Condom(External) Catheter Latex Tourniquet Penrose Drainage Tubing Disposable Medical Waterproof PE Apron Sterile Disposable Vaginal Speculum With Middle Screw Type Medical Sterile Disposable Vaginal Speculum French Type Cheap Medicine Plastic Pill Counter Tray With Knife Factory Price Plastic Pill Counter Tray With Spatula 

Disposable Gynecology Instruments

Hospital Medical Disposable Under Pad High Absorbent Cheap Medical Disposable Umbilical Cord Clamp Sterile Cheap Disposable Umbilical Cord Clamp Two Pins CE Sterile Disposable Vaginal Speculum With Side Screw Cheap Disposable Patient ID Bracelets Write-On Style Mother Baby Identification Bracelets Insert Card Style Good Price Medical 5L 250ml Ultrasound Gel Cheap Hospital Medical 5L 250ml Ultrasound Gel Medical Disposable Vaginal Speculum Plastic With Light Mediacl Sterile Disposable Test Pap Smear Kits CE Medical Sterile Disposable Cervical Sampling Brush Gynecological Examination Sterile Disposable Cervical Sampling Brush 

Stainless Steel Surgical Products

Surgical Instruments Stainless Steel Sterilization Drum STAINLESS STEEL DISINFECTANT SQUARE DISH Hospital Medical Stainless Steel Gauze Jar With Lid Good Medical Stainless Steel Vaginal Speculum 

Surgical Dressing

Non-woven Products

Paper Face Mask Dust-proof Face Mask Hospital Surgical Use Medical Nonwoven Colorful Bouffant Cap Doctor Cap Doctor Cap Non Woven Mob Clip Cap Hairnet Surgical Cap Alcohol Prep Pad Overall Coat/Protecting Coat Surgical/Isolation Gown Cheap Hospital Medical Indoor Disposable Non-Skid Shoe Cover CPE/PE Shoe Cover Non-Woven Shoe Cover Disposable 3 Ply Surgical Non-woven Medical Face Mask Medical Anti-Virus Protective N95 Face Mask With Valve Protective Medical Anti-Virus Disposable N95 Face Mask Isolation Gown Hospital Medical Indoor Non-Skid Shoe Cover By Mechanism Cheap Disposable Medical Adhesive Non-woven Wound Dressing Waterproof Disposable Sterile Medical Adhesive PU Wound Dressing 

Cotton Products

Comfortable Medical Absorbent 100% Cotton Gauze Roll Good Price Medical Disposable 100%Cotton Triangle Bandage Gauze Swab Laparotomy Sponge Good Price Medical Absorbent Cotton Wool Bandage Roll Dental Cotton Roll Cotton Ball Paraffin Gauze 


Good Price Medical Spandex Cotton Elastic Crepe Bandage Medical High Compression Elastic Bandage Cohesive Bandages Medical Plaster Of Paris Bandage Selvage Gauze Bandage CE Medical Soft Cotton Absorbent WOW Gauze Bandage Synthetic Orthopedic Padding Colorful Latex Free All Cotton Self-Adhesive Elastic Bandage Non-woven Self-adhesive Bandage Cotton Elastic Bandage Good Price Medical Confortable PBT Elastic Bandage Mesh Self-adhesive Elastic Bandage 

Medical Plaster Series

Medical Adhesive Plaster Transparent Surgical Tape PE Microporous Surgical Tape Non-Woven Disposable Medical Sticking Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster Wound Adhesive plaster Silk Tape Good Price Medical Adhesive Perforate Zinc Oxide Plaster 

Laboratory Instrument

Laboratory Incubator



Low Speed Radio-immunity Centrifuge in Medical Centrifuge Machine with Timer Low Speed Tabletop Centrifuge in Medical Low Speed Medical Centrifuge in Medical Horizontal Continuous Portable Centrifuge CENTRIFUGE MACHINE 80-2A Low Speed Household Centrifuge in Medical Electromotive Centrifuge Low Speed Health Centrifuge in Medical Low Speed Strength Plastic Centrifuge in Medical Low Speed Steel Plate Centrifuge in Medical Tabletop Digital Laboratory Low Speed Centrifuge Low Speed Centrifuge low speed centrifuge for medical use 90-4 Low Speed Laboratory Centrifuge Classification Low Speed Centrifuge laboratory magnetic stirrer Electromotive Centrifuge High Speed Freezing Centrifuge Low Speed Centrifuge Low Speed Centrifuge 


Monocular Biological Microscope XSP-05 Monocular Biological Microscope XSP-04 Monocular Biological Microscope XSP-03 Biological Microscope Monocular Biological Microscope XSP-01 STUDENT MICROSCOPE L101 Multipurpose Biological Microscope Monocular Biological Microscope Medical Science XSZ-N107 Microscope XSZ-107SM Microscope Hosptial and LboratoryXSZ-107D Microscope Hospital and Medical XSZ-107BN Microscope Medical and Hosptial XSZ-107 Microscope Monocular Biological Microscope XSP-02 STUDENT MICROSCOPE XSP-3A Monocular Biological Microscope XSP-06 STAINLESS STEEL WATER DISTILLER DZ-5 STAINLESS STEEL WATER DISTILLER DZ-10 STAINLESS STEEL WATER DISTILLER DZ-20 

Analyzer Machine

Sperm Quality Analyzer Laboratory Equipment Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer Laboratory Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer Good Price Factory Price Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer Touch Screen Laboratory Medical Fully-auto Biochemistry Analyzer High Quality Fully-auto Biochemistry Analyzer Equipment Medical 3 Part Hematology Analyzer Blood Cell Counter Laboratory Automated 5 Part Hematology Analyzer Clinical Laboratories Automated Double Channels Coagulometer CE Medical Elisa Reader Test Items Powerful Analyzer High Speed 300 Tests Fully-auto Biochemistry Analyzer Laboratory 400 Tests Fully-auto Biochemistry Analyzer Biochemistry Coagulation Multitest Analyzer Equipment BLOOD ROLLER MIXER Clinical Laboratories Automated Single Channel Coagulometer CE Medical Elisa Reader Analyzer With Touch Screen VERTICAL LAMINAR FLOW CABINET 



Water Bath

New 4 Holes Lab Digital Thermostatic Water Bath Cheap Double Holes Lab Digital Thermostatic Water Bath WATER BATH 6 HOLE ELECTRIC HEAT THERMOSTATIC WATER BATH 



Electrophoresis Machine


Laboratory Oven


Teaching Products


Life-Size Skeleton 85CM Tall Life-Size Skeleton 180cm Tall 85cm Skeleton with Spinal Nerves Life-Size Knee Joint Medical Life-Size Hip Joint Medical Life-Size Shoulder Joint Medical Life-Size Lumbar Vertebrae Life-Size Pelvis with 5pcs Lumbar Vertebrae Life-Size Vertebral Column with Pelvis Skull with Cervical Spine Miniature Plastic Skull Model Deluxe Life-Size Skull Style D Life-Size Skull with Colored Bones Life-Size Skull Model for Medical Teaching Disarticulated Skeleton with Skull 45CM Mini Skeleton 85cm Skeleton with Nerves and Blood Vessels 42CM Male Torso 13 Parts 85CM Male Torso 19 Parts Adult Female Pelvis 

Teaching Instrument


Animal & Pet Medical Products

Animal & Pet Syringe Series

Continuous Syringe E-Type Continuous Syringe D-Type Continuous Syringe C-Type Continuous Syringe A-Type 2ml Continuous Syringe B-Type 1ml Double-barreled Continuous Syringe 

Healing Products


Hospital Home Convenient Foldable Steel Wheel Chair Cheap Hospital Home Convenient Folding Wheel Chair Good Price Convenient Portable Folding Patient Wheel Chair Good Quality Stainless Steel Foldable Disable Wheelchair Stainless Steel Foldable Disable Manual Wheelchair Designed Soft Comfortable Manual Wheelchair For Disabled Good Foldable Convenient Manual Aluminum Wheelchair Designed Lightweight Folding Manual Aluminum Wheelchair Medical Foldable Lightweight Manual Aluminum Wheelchair Medical Soft Foldable Aluminum Wheelchair For Patients New Designed Lightweight Manual Foldable Aluminum Wheelchair Cheap Foldable Lightweight Convenient Aluminum Wheelchair Lightweight Adjustable Folding Aluminum Wheelchair 


Foldable Commode Wheelchair For Disable And Patients Cheap Hospital Medical Foldable Commode Chair For Patients Cheap Adjustable Folding Commode Chair With Padded Seat 

Retractor And Fixer

Breathable Medical Ankle Brace Bedridden Paralyzed Patient Hospital R-Shaped Back Support Cushion For Patients Comfortable Medical Hand Foot Elevation Cushion For Patient Designed Comfortable Medical Leg Cushion For ICU Patients Medical Finger Control Hand Mitt For Dottiness Patients Patient Healing Waist Ankle Foam Limb Restraint Strap Patient Healing Triangular Cushion Bed Wheelchair Cushion Professional Medical Patient Healing Bed Trapezoid Cushion Professional Medical Hospital Cylinder Cushion For Patient Comfortable Medical Hospital Bed Chair Foldable Square Cushion Professional Patient Medical Hospital Protection Donut Cushion Medical Hospital Bed Side Cushion Multifunctional Pillow Lightweight Fixed Medical Hospital Patient Shoulder Splint Lightweight Breathable Medical Patient Healing Knee Brace Enviromental Lightweight Medical Patient Healing Elbow Brace Professional Breathable Medical Patient Healing Leg Brace 

X-ray Products

X-Ray Protection

Developer and Fixer Medical X-ray Films Powder STAINLESS STEEL DEVELOPING BUCKET X-RAY DEVELOPING HANGER X-RAY PROTECTION LEAD APRON Professional Medical Led Film Viewer X-Ray View Box 

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