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Ningbo Cland Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Cland Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Cland Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.
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Continuous Syringe Animal Medical Products Animal Syringe Normal Foot Urinary System Model Heart and Lung Model Giant Eye Model Model of The Head Cotton Products Plaster Products Non-Woven Products Bandage Products Surgical Scalpel Rubber & Plastic Surgical Glove Lancing Device 3-Way Stopcock Blood Transfusion Set Heparin Cap Disposable Needle Irrigation Syringe Tracheostomy Tubes Nasal Oxygen Cannula Wound Drainage System Biological Microscope Laboratory Machine Laboratory Tester Centrifuge Machines petri dish test strip pastuer pipette Lab Reagents Electronic Body Scale Children Balance Pediatric Table Scales Electronic Infant Scale Mercury Sphygmomanometer Electronic Blood Pressure Diagnostic Penlights Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Set Radiant Warmer Operation Table Hospital Trolley Shadowless Lamp Incubator Warmer Liver Model Stomach Model Life-Size Heart Model Human Heart Model Surgical Gown Bouffant Cap Doctor Cap Overall Coat Non-Woven Shoe Cover Non-Skid Shoe Cover Triangle Bandage Absorbent Cotton Wool Laparotomy Sponge Dental Cotton Roll Plaster of Paris Bandage Elastic Crepe Bandage Elastic Bandage Zinc Oxide Plaster Wound Adhesive Plaster Waterproof Surgical Tape Microporous Surgical Tape Breast Reliever Hot Water Bag with Cover Ear Syringe Ball Hot Water Bags Lancing Devices Safety Blood Lancet One Touch Lancing Device Disposable Blood Lancet Polyglycolic Acid Suture Polyester Suture Nylon Monofilament Suture Polypropylene Monofilament Suture Surgical Blade Skin Graft Blade Surgical Scalpel Blades Disposable Scalpel Examination Gloves Quality Pe Gloves Nitrile Gloves PVC Glove Plastic Stopcock 3 Way Stopcock Medical 3 Way Stopcock Valve Plastic Medical Stopcock professional maker 2-way stopcock valve Extension tube Heparin cap Heparin sodium cap and different type stopcock with tube . Disposable Medical Hypodermic Needle Needles for Injections Sterile Hypodermic Needles Safety Hypodermic Needles Disposable Syringes Parts of Syringe Medical Syringes Disposable Syringe with Needle Medical Combi Spiral Stopper. Adjustable Venturi Mask Nebulizer with Mouthpiece Nebulizer Mask Oxygen Mask Tracheostomy Tube Air Way Connecting Tube Feeding tube Foley Catheter Irrigation Syringe NasalOxygen Cannula Nelation Catheter Penrose Tube Rectal Tube Stomach Tube Suction Tube ALLICONE Foley Cather Latex Tube . Paediatric Urine Collector Disposable Colostomy Bag Portable Collection Bag Adult Urine Bag Urine Bag with outlet Urine Bag without Outlet Urine bag with T-Valve Urine Collection Bag . Laboratory Testing Photoelectric Colorimeter Portable Colorimeter Colorimeter Spectrophotometer Shaking Incubator Anaerobic Incubator Biochemical Incubator Thermo Co2 Incubator Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge Low Speed Centrifuge High Speed Centrifuge High Capacity Centrifuge Compound Microscopes Metallurgical Microscope Biological Microscopes Optical Microscopes Sharp Containers Small Sharps Container Sharps Disposal Container Portable Sharps Container Pipette Pump Measuring Pipette Plastic Pipettes 10 Ml Serological Pipette Serological Pipette Glass Petri Dish Tissue Culture Plate Glass Bottom Petri Dish Disposable Petri Dishes Petri Dish Specimen Collection Urine Specimen Collection Portable Urine Collection Sterile Specimen Collection Stool Sample Collection Edta Blood Tube Sst Blood Tube Clot Activator Tube Glucose Tube Disposable Blood Transfusion Set Distilling Apparatus Extraction Apparatus Reagent Bottle Amber Reagent Bottle Clear Plastic Beaker Plastic Graduated Cylinder Plastic Measuring Cup 100 Ml Graduated Cylinder Embedding Cassettes Tissue Embedding Cassette Square Holes Embedding Cassette Eppendorf Pipette Tips Gilson Pipette Tips Filter Pipette Tips Dispensing Pipette Centrifuge Tube Freezing Tube Pcr Tube Strip Microcentrifuge Tubes Test Tube Stainless Steel Tube Rack Plastic Tube Rack Glass Test Tubes Slide Storage Box Microscope Slide Boxes Microscope Glass Slide Microscope Slide Tray Glass Microscope Slides Types of Microscope Slides Frosted Microscope Slides Concave Microscope Slides Electronic Bathroom Scales Accurate Bathroom Scale Bathroom Weight Scale Heavy Duty Bathroom Scales Balances Scale Weight Balance Scale Digital Balance Scale Electronic Balance Scale Digital Baby Scale Baby Weight Scale Electronic Baby Scale Pediatric Table Scale Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope Set Fiber Optic Otoscope Veterinary Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Set Ent Diagnostic Kit Diagnostic Penlight Nursing Pen Light Medical Pen Lights Medical Penlight Pupil Gauge Infrared Ear Thermometer Flexible Digital Thermometer Armpit Clinical Thermometer Digital Thermometer for Baby Tromner Reflex Hammer Buck Reflex Hammer Neurological Reflex Hammer Medical Reflex Hammer Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Digital Sphygmomanometer Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Latex Bladder Latex Bulb Pvc Bladder Deflation Valve Blood Pressure Gauge Mercury Sphygmomanometers Blood Pressure Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Measurement Equipment Blood Pressure Monitoring Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors Types of Blood Pressure Monitors Professional Blood Pressure Monitor Fetal Stethoscope Disposable Stethoscope Single Head Stethoscope Sprague Rappaport Type Stethoscope Stethoscope with Clock Hospital Stretcher Ambulance Stretcher Portable Stretcher Foldable Stretcher I.V. Drip Stand I.V. Pole Stand Portable I.V. Pole I.V. Holder Mini Oxygen Concentrator Smallest Portable Oxygen Concentrator Small Oxygen Concentrator Medical Oxygen Concentrator Portable Phlegm Suction Unit Electric Suction Apparatus Pedal Suction Apparatus Suction Machine for Mucus Infant Radiant Warmer Infant Phototherapy Unit Radiant Warmer for Newborn Luxurious Infant Incubator Electric Operating Table Universal Operating Table Surgical Operating Table Ordinary Operating Table Delivery Bed Gynecology Bed Rescue Bed Examination Bed Compressor Nebulizer Air Compressing Nebulizer Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer Ultrasonic Nebulizers Shadowless Operation Lamp Operating Theatre Lamp Cold Light Operating Lamp Operation Lamp Bulb Disposable Gynecology Instruments Disposable women Instruments Women surgical Instruments Disposable Gynecological medical equipment Disposable female medical equipment Blood Transfusion Set Children Hanging Transfusion Device Flow Controuers Blood Bag Disposable Infusion Sets Ultrasound Scanner Medical Ultrasound Diagnostic Sonography Ultrasonography Sample Cups Cuvette Plastic Medical Sample Cup Medical Cuvette Laboratory Cuvette Wheel Chair Bath Bench Waling Aid Hospital Bath Bench Aluminum Wheelchairs Reclining Wheelchair Electric Wheelchair Steel Wheelchairs Adjustable Disabled Bath Seat Shower Bench For The Elderly Adjustable Bath Bench Safety Bath Bench For Disabled Foldable Commode Chair Folding Commode For Elderly Adjusting Steel Commode Chair Folding Commode For Disabled Walking Aids Walking Aids For Disabled Durable Walking Aids Walking Training Aids Walking First Aid Kits First Aid Kit Bags First Aid Bags First Aid Box Inoculation Loops And Cell Spreaders Inoculation Loops Cell Spreaders L-Shaped Cell Spreader Petri Dish And Culture Plate Petri Culture Dish Plastic Petri Dish Cell Culture Plate Masimo Oximeter Pulse Oximeter Analyzer Machine High Intelligence Sperm Quality Analyzer Skin Analyzer Machine Sperm Quality Analyzer Anaesthesia Breathing Anaesthesia Breathing Circuit Medical Breathing Anaesthesia Disposable Breathing Anaesthesia Hospital Cabinet Hospital Table Hospital Bedside Cabinet Hospital Bedside Table Portable Colorimeter Medical Colorimeter Hospital Colorimeter Precision Colorimeter X-Ray Products X-Ray Protective Products X-Ray Machine Product X-Ray Protective X-Ray Protection Medical X-Ray Films Powder Developer And Fixer Powder X-Ray Films Powder Water Bath Thermostatic Water Bath Laboratory Water Bath Medical Thermostatic Water Bath Retractor And Fixer Medical Leg Cushion Hand Foot Elevation Cushion Hospital Back Support Cushion Teaching Instrument Instruments Kit Medical Instruments Lab Teaching Instrument Teaching Demonstration Instrument Magnetic Stirrer Digital Magnetic Stirrer Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer Laminar Flow Cabinet Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet Laminar Air Flow Cabinet Spectrophotometer Digital Spectrophotometer Clear Liquid Spectrophotometer Double Beam Spectrophotometer Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer High Accuracy Spectrophotometer Stainless Steel Surgical Products Surgical Instruments Stainless Steel Sterilization Drum Electrophoresis Machine Electrophoresis Equipment Laboratory Electrophoresis Machine Gel Electrophoresis Machine Ward Screen Hospital Screen Medical Privacy Screens Hospital Ward Screen Sterilizer Machine Sterilizing Machine Medical Sterilizer Roll Mixer Lab Roller Mixer Roller Mixer Laboratory Bottle Roller Mixer Guedel Airway Medical Guedel Airway Disposable Oropharyngeal Airway Ce Guedel Airway Fetal Doppler Baby Doppler Fetal Heart Doppler Foetal Doppler Ecg Machine Ecg Electrode Ecg Paper Ecg Monitor Vein Finder Infrared Vein Finder Medical Infrared Vein Finder Portable Infrared Vein Finder Syringe Pump Infusion Pump Medical Syringe Pump Portable Infusion Pump Laboratory Oven Laboratory Drying Oven Lab Drying Oven Intelligent Digital Dry Oven Laboratory Reagents Lab Test Reagent Medical Lab Reagent Colony Counter Automatic Colony Counter Lab Colony Counter Digital Colony Counter Filtration System Water Purifier Water Filtration System Water Filter System Muffle Furnace Lab Muffle Furnace Muffle Furnace Use Electric Muffle Furnace Electric Meters Electricity Meter Smart Electric Meters Energy Electric Meter Emergency Medical Products Emergency Medical Bags Emergency Medical Kits Professional Emergency Drugs Anesthesia Machine Anesthesia Machine Drager Best Anesthesia Machine Modern Anesthesia Machines Different Type Refrigerator Used Gas Refrigerator Brands of Refrigerators Luxury Kitchen Refrigerators Electrosurgical Unit Electrosurgical Accessories Disposable Electrosurgical Units Medical Accessories Dental Products Dental Chair Ultrasonice Bath Dental X-Ray Product Belmont Dental Chair Dinosaur Dental Chair Used Dental Chairs Best Dental Chair Dental Accessories Oral Therapy Accessories Dental Disposables Brushes Micro Applicator Ultrasonic Bath Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner Heated Ultrasonic Bath Ultrasonic Bath Branson Dental X-Ray Products Portable Dental X-Ray Products High-Frequency Dental X-Ray Products Portable Dental X-Ray Kitchen Scale Electronic Kitchen Scale Plastic Plate Kitchen Scale Digital Kitchen Scale Precision Balance Scale Electronic Balance Scale Weighing Balance Scale Mobile Colposcope Portable Colposcope Video Colposcope Pocket Colposcope Air Mattress Best Air Mattress Intex Air Mattress Medical Air Mattress Lab Shaker Machine Laboratory Classic Shaker Rocking Liquid Mixing Shaking Disposable Staplers Disposable Skin Staplers Disposable Costom Staplers Disposable Staplers Manufacturers Rotary Evaporator Rotary Film Evaporator Vacuum Rotary Evaporator,Auto Rotary Evaporator Heat Sealing Machine Sealing Machine Manual Sealing Machines Stainless Steel Machine Heating Mantle Isomantle Heating Mantles Lab Heating Mantles Biosafety Cabinet Biological Safety Cabinet Microbiological Safety Cabinet Safety Cabinet Fume Hoods Fume Cupboard Fume Closet Laboratory Fume Hoods Air Shower Pass Box Passbox Air Shower Air Shower Passbox Cleanroom Pass Box Oxygen Therapy Apparatus Oxygen Cylinder Oxygen Cylinder Trolley Medical Ventilators Equipment Icu Ventilator Ventilator Medical Ventilator Patient Monitors Medical Monitor Patient Monitor Patient Monitoring Laser Printers,Digital Printing Equipment,Digital Printer Eeg Machine Electroencephalographic Machine Eeg Device Portable Eeg Machine Medical Chair Medical Chairs Seating Equipment Medical Lift Chairs Bedside Locker Bedside Lockers Night Stand Bedside Table Stainless Steel Potty Stainless Steel Urinal Stainless Steel Bucket Stainless Steel Dressing Bowl Syringe Infusion Pump Single Syringe Infusion Pump Medical Syringe Pump  Infusion Pump Blood Pressure Monitor Accessories B. P. Parts Blood Pressure Accessories Blood Pressure Machine Spare Parts Pen Light Medical Penlight Led Medical Pen Light Medical Penlights X-Ray Machine X-Ray Equipment X-Ray Machines Radiography Machines Foley Catheter Indwelling Catheter Urinary Catheters Male Foley Catheter Sterilisation Pouch Sterilisation Pouches Sterilization Pouches Sterilized Instruments Dry Bath Drybath Dry Baths Electric Steam Sterilizer Steam Sterilizer Small steam sterilizers Stainless Steel Steam Sterilizer Blood Bank Refrigerator Blood Weighing Scale Corpse Freezer Corpse Refrigerator Laboratory Machine Laboratory Equipment General Laboratory Equipment Medical Lab Equipment Porcelain Buchner Funnel Ceramic Mortar  Ceramic Citrus  long ark Disposable Face Mask Disposable Medical Face Mask Medical Protective Coverall Disposable Medical Protective Glasses Face Mask N95 Protective Coverall Protective Coverall Disposable Medical Protective Clothing Disposable Protective Coverall Medical Protective Gowns Shield Mask Transparent Protective Mask Daily Shield Mask Plastic Shield Mask Test Kit Virus test kit Medical Test Kit Test Kit Laboratory Use Protective Glasses Medical Protective Glasses Disposable Protective Glasses Face Mask N95 Face Mask KN95 Face Mask
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